Hailed by the Washington Post as an ensemble that performs with “a sensual finish and its phrasing practically palpitated with ardor and mystery,” the U.S.-based Rossetti String Quartet has earned a devout following, largely due to their compelling stage presence and fresh, innovative style displayed in performances in their native country, England, France, Germany, Mexico and the Netherlands.

The group, consisting of violinists Henry Gronnier and Sara Parkins, violist Thomas Diener and cellist Eric Gaenslen take their name from 19th-century painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, whose artistic ideals about the use of color, poetry, and naturalism were a match for the foursome’s philosophy towards music, when the group was formed in 1996. Adhering to that ethic has resulted in a sound that critics have declared to be highly sophisticated, sensual, fresh and innovative.

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