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Fitting in is something everyone struggles with throughout their lives. In all different ways and throughout every painful stage of becoming ourselves, we long to find our place. A place to call our own; something uniquely 'us' that we can cling to when everything else is ever changing. The story of Lexie Jay and Jon Fedorsen, better known as the electronic duo FEATURETTE, challenge this desire to fit in, and have worked hard to create a musical world of their own, focusing ever harder on standing out.

The duo started their musical relationship years ago at a summer camp, gearing up for a faculty performance night. Jon approached Lexie looking for help with filling out the guitar aspect of his performance. After all he was a drummer, and wanted to educate the campers about the importance of trying instruments outside your comfort zone when creating music. "After performing together that first time," says Lexie "we were hooked." Both band members had been writing music independently for years. Jon mostly on Logic on his computer, and Lexie from her guitar or keyboard. "She had a little black moleskin notebook she'd been filling out since high school, with all kinds of poetry and song lyrics" says Jon "and actually the first song we ever recorded together, 'Memorize', was in that songbook, word for word." "I think the growing pains of evolving from a folk duo with guitars to a dark and twisty electronic-pop duo was inevitable. Neither of us are guitar players first, so it made sense for us to naturally transition to our keyboard instruments" says Lexie. "That's when things really started to flow for us. With finding our instruments, came finding our voice." And found it they did.

FEATURETTE received a full recording grant, which sparked their first album, Crave, released October 2016. "We were over the moon" says Lexie, "after all, I was fresh out of opera school at the University of Toronto and completely unaware of what I was getting myself into. Recording pop music is a straight 180 from singing opera - it's like learning how to sing again!" Darker, yet eternally hooky tracks like 'Broken' and 'Give a Little' were met with national acclaim and hit radio waves across Canada, which resulted in a very successful frosh tour for the new duo, who were privileged to open for acts like Alessia Cara, Walk Off The Earth and Dear Rouge. Other dreamy tracks like 'Hardest Game', exploring darker themes like bullying and exclusion, were synched to film, television, and award winning web series alike. Playing more into the heavy hitting sounds that first got Canada's attention, FEATURETTE then released standalone single 'Bang', paired with a sold out headlining hometown show at Adelaide Hall. Their success garnered them another tour, as direct support to Scott Helman, where they would flourish in front of new audiences across the country and grow their fanbase. 2017 ended with accolades, including COCA's pick for Emerging Artist of the Year, and a Top 10 Finalist for Allan Slaight's JUNO Masterclass, and the release of one more single 'Upside Down', a political commentary on modern society, before they would head back to the studio.

After putting out their first work, FEATURETTE grew too. "We did a deep dive into what sounds we wanted to put out into the world, and what we wanted to say next." After a year in the studio, the duo emerged, evolved into a newer, fuller beast. They released "Million Things", teasing their new full-on sound: all the power of a pop track that grabs you, yet still quintessentially FEATURETTE. The video for the track is full of images pulled from Lexie's actual dreams, and the character she has created has takes on a life of her own. In this vignette, she's featured in a room filled completely with flowers, and although she surrounded by all the lavish luxuries the world has to offer, what does it all mean if you have no one to share it with? "It dissects our social media driven world, where we put only our best self forward, no matter what emptiness we face on the inside", said Lexie. For all the reviews, press, and fans that said the band's first works were "heavy hitting", FEATURETTE really kicked that into high gear with the next two previews of the record, "Don't Know Me Without You", and "White Rabbit". The tracks blend elements of EDM seamlessly with dream pop, paired with visuals that fully paint worlds for the tracks to live within - a heart-racing car chase with the two halves of the whole self, and a post-apocalyptic commentary on our disregard for the natural world falling apart around us.

FEATURETTE now present DREAM RIOT, their sophomore record. "We've never been prouder of anything we've created," says Lexie. "This record speaks to who we are as people, it speaks to our drive and our passion, it speaks to our obsession, our musical tastes, our aspirations, all of it. It's where we're from, and where we're going, and it's unapologetically honest and true." Bigger, louder, and with hooks galore, FEATURETTE teamed up with their original producer Marc Koecher and new producer Pillsbury. With tracks mixed by Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, MONOWHALES) and some co-written by Tyler Shaw, they are ready to take on the world with their new sound. Luscious synths, assaulting drum machines and a layered world of sound design serve as the backdrop for their most compelling work yet. Dark stories are sugar coated in bubble gum beats, speaking truths about the society we've created, and the problems we face within it daily. "Won't Love You" is the story of a girl scorned - put through the ringer in her relationship, but she's grown out of it there's nothing they can do to make her fall back in love. Album closer "You Do You" is inspired by a fan, turned friend of the band. It's an anthem for the underdog, proudly driving home the message that you are enough.

When you feel ready to, join FEATURETTE in the world they've created for you.

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