This City Defects

"Based out of Calgary, Alberta "This City Defects" began as early as 2007 when creator and band leader Adam Lamb started constructing epic arrangements out of mathy riffs and atmospheric soundscapes. With the help of Josh Wong (Vocals) and Matt Doherty (Drums), these early song constructions became the basis for some of the bands earliest demos. Aaron Scholpp (bass) were added in 2008 to complete the line up. The groups influences are far ranging, Artists such as Brainiac, King Crimson, John Zorn, Sonny Sharrock, Hella, and Don Caballero just to name a few. Their energetic live performances confirm the groups sense of reckless abandonment, but you'd be hard pressed to find the same amount of ambitious song writing from your favorite local punk band. This City Defects doesn't attempt to fit into any particular genre, but feels right at home in any sort of musical situation."

- CBC Radio 3

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