Funkafeelya is an exciting, new original/cover band that may cause lunacy, dementia, vertigo and delirium but it keeps people getting up to get down! The original music has a funky, jazzy, blues sound and the covers include funk, top 40, jazz, and rock. Funkafeelya is a four-piece band that was started by singer/songwriter/saxophonist, Aubrey Young. When Aubrey left music school, it was evident she was heading straight to the top. After playing in several bands over the years, Aubrey has brought her vocal talents to the fore-front of Canadian pop/funk. Her voice has a range and intensity that is incomparable to many touring bands currently in the business. As a front person, Aubrey is a master at maintaining the energy of the Funkafeelya show through out the performance, whether it be in bars or headlining at festivals. She is backed by one of the finest rhythm sections in Alberta, and often will present an interesting visual, as well as musical performance. This show is really about fun, and their infectious groove escapes no-one. Funkafeelya really rocks the house.

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· Jul · 13 Fri 4:00 pm
Alberta Grown Music Festival 2018 - Rock feat. Tacoy Ryde & others at Heritage Pavilion Park (Stony Plain)  on July 13, 2018
at Heritage Pavilion Park
5100 41 Avenue Stony Plain, AB T7Z 0B4

Tickets: $90.00 Weekend Pass, $110 after Mar 1. $40 Fri & Sun Daypass, $50 ea. after Mar 1. $50 Sat Daypass, $60 after Mar 1. U12 free.
($2.99 e-ticket fee)

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