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Suzanne Vega Suzanne Vega Adult Pop / Alternative / Folk

Widely regarded as one of the most brilliant songwriters of her generation, Suzanne Vega emerged as a leading figure of the folk-music revival of ... Read more

New York, NY
Tamara Boyes Tamara Boyes Adult Pop / R&B

Tamara Boyes has a reputation for smooth, pure, passionate and intense vocals. You may recognize her voice from a few Gillette radio jingles or ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Teddy Thompson Teddy Thompson Adult Pop / Folk / Rock

Thompson's trademark blend of catchy songcraft, pensive emotional insight and good–natured black humor is present on such new tunes as “In My Arms,” “What's ... Read more

New York City, NY
Tessa Kautzman Tessa Kautzman Adult Pop / Electronic / Folk

It all started with a bluff: Here Tess, if you learn to play this guitar, you can have it. Even before she had ever ... Read more

Victoria, BC
Thaneah & 10 Feet of Hair Adult Pop

As a singer-songwriter and guitar player, I am self-taught, although I was heavily involved in an excellent music program in John Rennie High School, ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
The Bachynski Trio The Bachynski Trio Adult Pop

Laura and Terry Bachynski have been together for 30 years but have their seperate styles of songwriting, which lends their performances a balanced combination ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
The Be Arthurs The Be Arthurs Adult Contemporary / Adult Pop / Tropical

Read reviews of The Be Arthurs from Sound and Noise: The Be Arthurs Present Original Tunes Read more

Edmonton, AB
The Beatlemaniacs The Beatlemaniacs Adult Contemporary / Adult Pop / Rock

Imagine what it would be like if The Beatles were performing today’s music scene in modern concert halls and theatres? The Beatlemaniacs turn imagination ... Read more

The Burning Hell The Burning Hell Adult Pop / Alternative / Folk / Rock

The Burning Hell is the alter-ego of ukulele player and all-purpose nerd Mathias Kom. While the band can occasionally bloom into a multi-instrumental monster ... Read more

Peterborough, ON
The Disastronauts The Disastronauts Adult Contemporary / Adult Pop / Alternative / Canadian / Dance / Folk / Hard Rock / Pop / R&B / Rock

We are a very experienced six piece rock n roll cover band based out of Edmonton, Alberta. A great passion for playing music is ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
The Fortrelles Adult Contemporary / Adult Pop / Rock

Read more

Edmonton, AB
The K-Tels The K-Tels Adult Pop / Rock

Read more

Edmonton, AB
The Lean Machine Adult Pop / Jazz / Rock

THE LEAN MACHINE Shake your booty on down with Western Canada's latest party band!! Its kickin' rhythm section and soulful vocals features two outstanding vocalists ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
The Lost Fingers The Lost Fingers Adult Pop / Pop / Rock

Two-time Juno Award nominees The Lost Fingers perform a unique brand of energetic, gypsy jazz re-adaptations of classic '80s and '90s tunes. Their performances ... Read more

The Misdemeanours The Misdemeanours Adult Pop / Country / Folk

The Misdemeanours are a 4-piece acoustic band. Our music has fingers in many pies including both traditional and modern music, blending old American folk ... Read more

The Police Experience Adult Contemporary / Adult Pop / Rock

The Police Experience was formed by David Rasner, (Sting), in the fall of 2002, in Hollywood, California. FALL OUT was the first single ... Read more

Los Angeles, CA
The Salteens The Salteens Adult Pop / Rock

You know when you stand at the back of a club watching the eighth band you've seen this week, and you're thinking to yourself, ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
The Shuffle Demons The Shuffle Demons Adult Pop / Jazz

What do you get when you cross three amazing saxophonists dressed in wacky clothes, a crazy dancing drummer and a killer upright bass player ... Read more

The Spazmatics The Spazmatics Adult Pop / Dance / Rock

If you want to be sent back to the 80's, The Spazmatics are the ultimate experience. The band lends it's geeky charm to performing ... Read more

San Francisco, CA
The Ten Tenors The Ten Tenors Adult Contemporary / Adult Pop

During ground-breaking achievements in 2010, not only were 'The TEN' gaining new audiences in South America, Sweden, Japan and the Baltic States but also ... Read more

Brisbane, AU