HundredMillionThousand is the moniker of Persian/Filipino experimental producer Noel Jon who is based in Edmonton, Canada. Often compared to trip-hop titans, Massive Attack and Portishead, HMT's musical aesthetic revolves around brooding atmospheres, suspenseful pads, and aggressive downtempo patterns. HMT encapsulates his heritage into production through the use of Iranian vocalizing, key signatures, spiritual chants, and Tombak. During live performances, HMT collaborates with artists and also utilizes visuals that are referential to Iranian art and poetry. In addition to musical explorations, Noel Jon is heavily involved in videography and editing as he seeks to amplify his aesthetic direction through the relationship between audio and video. Noel Jon finds inspiration through introspection and mindfulness, composing a musical narrative to overcome volatile emotions. HMT's debut album, LP1, will be available April 8th 2017 on limited edition vinyl and streaming.

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· May · 4 Thu 9:00 pm
at 9910
9910B 109 ST NW Edmonton, AB T5K 1H5

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