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Is a member of: SOSFest 2010

Appearances can be deceiving. From the outside Quartered does not look like your typical metal band. These five piece from the suburbs of White Rock look just as you might expect. However, behind their unassuming image is a force of emotion and intensity that is not often seen in music today, a band ready and willing to take the Vancouver scene and beyond by storm.

After forming early in 2000, Quartered played several shows under the moniker of Head Kase before changing their name later on. The band, consisting of vocalist Greg Williams, guitarists Todd Sanft and Jeff Wang, bassist Craig Rudder, and drummer Scott Miller, set out to create a brand of music they could call their own. By orchestrating styles of music and writing including hardcore, funk, and alternative, Quartered created a sound with heavy grooves, catchy melodies, and solid balls-out, brutally hardcore riffs.

The band’s live show is an all-out intense performance that often leaves their bodies feeling the night for the next several days; but as the band repeatedly says, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Quartered played extensively throughout the Lower Mainland for several years at some of the bigger venues including the Croatian Cultural Center, Richard’s on Richards, and one of their favorites, The Buffalo Club.

One particularly memorable moment for the band was a mini tour with their good friends Over the Coals to the city of Prince George, where they were able to play two amazing live shows. After that, it was off to the studio where they recorded the first of 2 albums of new material as well as a few of the oldies, but to their dismay some technical issues arose which pushed back the release date. Unshaken by this setback, the band came together stronger than ever before and began discovering and incorporating new sounds and new techniques that began to take their music, as well as their writing, to a different level.

In mid-2006, by teaming up with Garage Entertainment, the band was able to begin playing larger venues more frequently and expanded their fan base exponentially. With their new CD entitled “The Falls of Autumn” under their belt, Quartered continues to play, write, and perform shows that amaze and inspire every audience lucky enough to catch them. Whether at home through a CD player, on the go with an ipod or MP3 player, or live through their instruments, Quartered is the new face of Vancouver and will not be going down anytime soon.

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