Wax Mannequin

Wax Mannequin has been here for something like one hundred centuries, but right now, Wax Mannequin is the only knife-face. He is the fighter. He is roses out of his skin that bleed him as he pulls. But most important, he is music of the biggest fight style. It's where you punch and slice your own dying stuff into fresh, ripe meats for selling and sharing. It's where you give everything you had for an instant in his arms. Because he can seriously change the way you feel inside.

Do you know the painting that you see on some greeting cards where all of the animals are sitting together, stoic and proud in the forest, and there in the background, rising in the sky, it's the earth? You have to ask “Why aren't the animals trying to fight and eat each other? They are the enemies!” and “why is the earth rising into the sky? If the earth is in the sky, then where are we?” That shit is Wax Mannequin. Kind of lame... but so important and gripping.

Wax Mannequin is on his fourth record. The first two were quiet bedroom recordings featuring eerie computer melodies and other noises. With his third -- the Price -- Wax brought powerful rock abilities into the studio. It's a record of extreme catchiness, and ridiculous aggression. It is performed with great focus and sincerity. The songs sound like jokes at first, but they are serious. It's kind of an extreme form of joke that pushes through funny and becomes serious all over again -- but serious in a loud, dizzy, brand new way. The dizziness and sincerity capture and communicate the complexities of being a human in interesting times -- the insecurity, the doubt, the triumph and the wisdom gained through experience.


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· Aug · 14 Tue 7:30 pm
Wax Mannequin
Wax MannequinAlternative / Big Band / Rock with Celeigh Cardinal and Emily Bachynski

at Aviary
9314 111 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0A3

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