Classic Albums Live

Classic Albums Live takes the world's greatest rock albums and faithfully recreates them live on stage using highly accomplished Canadian musicians - note for note, cut for cut. The entire Beatles' Abbey Road album will be performed, from start to finish. You will hear every sound on the original album, in songs such as "Come Together," "Something," "Maxwell's Silver Hammer," and "Octopus's Garden." The focus is on the music, without imitation or impersonation.

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· Nov · 23 Sat 7:30 pm
Classic Albums Live Presents: Pink Floyd The Wall Classic Albums Live at Festival Place (Sherwood Park)  on November 23, 2019
at Festival Place
100 Festival Way Sherwood Park, AB T8A 5T2

Tickets: $55.00 in advance, service fees may apply

(Not available from YEG Live)
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