Singer, lyricist and composer of contemporary music, this intense artist brings a special collection of sensibilities to his work. Born in Havana, Cuba, he immersed himself in Hip Hop and R&B genres during his youth and then began writing his first songs.

At 18, he moved to Montreal, where he discovered an infectious cultural diversity that played a major influence in his work. Soon he was adding Mid-Eastern and French tastes and colors to his music.

He recently released his first Spanish album in the United States, Adivina Quien Llego. While gearing up for his next album and a U.S. tour, he lends his unique style and flavor to Indart Music projects. His career is far from a wrap.

Songs from “Qbanito” have been featured in the following: “Lloraras” featured in “Prison Break” (Fox) “Sazon Le Pongo” featured in “CSI: Miami” (CBS) “Abriendo El Show” featured in “Dark Blue” (TNT)

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