Jesse Dollimont

Born to two working musicians in southern Alberta, Jesse Dollimont was raised in a home filled with the songs of legends such as Emmylou Harris, Gram Parsons, The Byrds, and Neil Young. Some of her earliest memories are set to the soundtrack of her mother's voice and guitar. Not surprisingly, this led Jess down the long road of life as a musician. After lending the range and richness of her voice to many Edmonton groups and numerous styles, Jess decided she was ready to share songs of her own and make the journey back her deep roots in country, bluegrass & folk. Thus, The Ospreys were born.

Her song-writing style is a mixture of vivid imagery and nostalgia coupled with beautiful, relatable and at times heartbreaking, deeply personal revelations. Jesse and The Ospreys have two previous releases ('Better Man' EP, 2010 & 'I'll Fly Away', 2012) and are gearing up for a third in 2017. With a sound steeped in folk, country, classical and bluegrass traditions, Jesse and The Ospreys deliver a performance that is raw, joyful, and unforgettable.

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