With so many talented artists vying for a spot on the world stage, it is becoming increasing more difficult to find somebody doing things a little differently... Tom Richardson is that artist. An adventurous yet humble nomad, in the past 18 months alone, Tom has performed in 14 different countries across the globe. In an age where it’s all too easy for young musicians to be caught in the tide of ever changing trends, online overkill and pressures to be the “next big thing”, Tom has stepped into the side stream, appreciating the freedom of travel, exploration and the privilege of forging relationships with listeners and cultures around the world.

Tom uses the latest in loop pedal technology to create a wall of sound, overdubbing four part vocal harmonies, complicated percussion grooves and lead and rhythm guitar parts, all live on stage. While live looping may not be a new phenomenon, rather than focusing on laying down one continuous groove, Tom dances around the stage, using his feet to create different song sections, starting, stopping and layering various instruments as he goes.

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