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The Guaranteed

Recently placing sixth in the SEE Magazine poll of Best Edmonton Bands - including two first place votes - Darrek Anderson and The Guaranteed have been turning heads lately with their second release, PLACES YOU USED TO GO.

PLACES YOU USED TO GO has charted extensively on college and community radio across Canada since the early fall, and is still in heavy rotation on many stations approaching spring 2008.

Anderson and his band have performed at many high profile events such as NewMusicWest, Western Canadian Music Week, JUNOFest and Dauphin Countryfest. They've also appeared on television, radio and toured around Canada with the ability to fit in and win over the crowd in any venue , from rural hotel taverns to big-city rock clubs.

"...Anderson's young band, launched themselves onto the local scene with a finished EP called The Old Routine. Their old-school sound, complemented by Anderson's expressive songwriting earned them a steep rise in popularity..." VUE Weekly

"...basic, honest, no-frills country rock.." Penguin Eggs

"Darrek Anderson is a man of few words. True, heartfelt words, but still, they're released sparingly and usually in the form of a song. " "Though the group is lyrically driven, a strong, masculine instrumental style provides essential backbone to Anderson's candid words." - Gateway (Edmonton, Alberta), March 2007

".... some of the most sincere and well crafted songwriting around..." - VUE Weekly (Edmonton, Alberta)

"Darrek Anderson and the Guaranteed, plays a well written and heartfelt kind of country... real and satisfying in a way that makes you feel connected to something simple but somehow very right." - Beachwood Reporter (Chicago, Illinois)


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