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You're walking to a party at your friend's house. Well, it's not YOUR friend's house, but a friend of a friend's: Dave. Dave's a good guy - you met him once, outside, smoking a joint, at a show. He made a joke about fish that you loved (but can't remember for the life of you) - and you've heard that his party's going to be an absolute rager. All of your friends will be there, and you wouldn't miss it for The Whole World. Especially when you know that your sweet-bae-crush-person will be there, too!

You get to the party, and the telltale signs of a rager are all there: beer cans, cigarette butts, roaches, and party-goers litter the front yard and porch. You pass a cackling group of smokers and venture inside. In the air hangs a smell of sweat, bad snacks, and good times. Above the din of the numerous party goers, you hear what could roughly be described as "music" coming from the living room. What is the source of this "music," and could your BAE be nearby? You enter the the living room, and somewhere on the other side of the whirling mass of bodies, you pinpoint the source of this "music." It's Groceries! At this point, BAE be damned, Groceries are the new object of your affection! Who is this (maybe food-themed?) jangly slacker rock band, fronted by this weird lanky guy?

Formed by combining the freshest of meats, the tastiest treats, and the grooviest beets, Groceries are a band from Victoria BC, fronted by the principal songwriter, singer and (primarily rhythm) guitarist, Leiv Phanenhour. The band has been together for nearly two years, and they play an upbeat kind of indie rock, a-la Mac Demarco mixed with The Tragically Hip (or something like that), with some irreverent stage banter thrown in for good measure. Consisting of two guitar players (Rob Walsh, and Phanenhour), a bassist (Randy Baragar) and drummer (Robert Niemann). They've played 25+ shows since inception, including several stops throughout BC, and will be heading out on cross-country tour in May 2019 in support of their debut album, due out soon!

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