One of Edmonton’s Titan’s of Tenor and Multi-instrumentalist, Dino Dominelli has become an integral and important part of the younger generations of Jazz artists in the Canadian music scene. Dominelli has been immersed into many forms of Jazz genres and has paid many respects of the turning points of modern Jazz music such as Post Bop to Modern Jazz.

Dominelli also has a keen interest in traditional and ethnic music foundations such as Asian music and European music. Dominelli has applied these musical concepts and genres into a newer style for his Jazz arrangements of standards and his original compositions. Dominelli’s influences have come from a wide array of musicians and composers such as Charlie Parker, Warne Marsh, Lee Konitz, Ornette Coleman, Cannonball Aldderly, Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Joe Henderson, Michael Brecker, Jerry Bergonzi, Bob Berg, David Sanborn, Grover Washington, Courtney Pine, Keith Jarrett, ad Wayne Shorter Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn and Chris Potter. Dominelli has lived in Toronto since 1995 – 1998 and again 2002 – 2004 where he has spent most of his time performing around Toronto and studying with Canadian Jazz legends, Saxophonist Pat La Barbera and Multi-instrumentalist Don Thomspon . Dino has performed throughout Canada and internationally in the United States, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan. He has shared the stage with International renowned musicians such as Piano Seven of Switzerland, Charles Blenzig Trio of New York City, Roberto Zayas, Lito Gonzales, Xioa Bai of Taiwan, Robbin Harris of Hong Kong and Arturo Sandoval. He has also shared the spotlight with North America's top popular artists such as The Shirelle Sisters, Bobby Cameron, Alfie Zappacosta, Bobby Curtola and Jack Semple. In Canada, Dominelli has performed Jazz concerts with Don Thompson, P.J Perry, Bernie Senenski, Jake Langley, Greg Pilo,Simon Fisk, Earl Seymour,Bob Mover and Norman Marshall Villeneuve. In Alberta, Dino is often seen performing with Edmonton and Calgary Artists such as Sandro Dominelli,Jim Head, Wayne Feschuk, John Taylor, Charlie Austin, Chris Andrew, Rubim De Toledo, Andrew Glover, Dale James, George Blondheim, Andy Ericson, Brian Buchanan and Mike Lent. Dominelli is now a regular in the Alberta music scene.

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