"Not only are these four powerhouse musicians, but they all happen to be strong and unique composers as well." This was the impression of The Live Music Report in reviewing a Circles performance. It summarizes what the group is about - virtuosic jazz performance and strong original compositions. Circles has been composing and performing together since 2006 when bassist Matthew Roberts decided to form a steady group to explore his compositions. Soon pianist Hayoun Lee also began to add his own compositional style to the blend. Vocalist Alexandra Tait, guitarist Neil Whitford and drummer Mackenzie Longpre joined soon after, and since then all have contributed in presenting a rapidly expanding catalogue of original music, in performances described as "fresh, luminously dark, glorious, delicious, and energetic through any tempo" (The Live Music Report).

In the summer of 2008 the group headed into the studio along with special guest Terry Quinney (saxophone). The Edmonton Journal described the resulting album I Understand as "an impressive range of accessible melodies, improvisations and atmospheres." Listeners may detect influences such as Dave Holland, Kenny Wheeler, Dave Binney, and even Radiohead. In 2010 the group recorded their most recent album, a five-track demo entitled Autumn Dance. A second full length album, to be recorded in collaboration with veteran saxophonist Kirk MacDonald, who will act as producer and guest soloist, will be released in the summer of 2011.

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