Andrea Anderson Tribute Artist

Andrea Anderson Tribute Artist

Andrea Anderson is a professional singer who knows how much dedication and hard work it takes to be a tribute artist and entertainer. She has been touring with the Louisiana Hayride show for the past 10 years capturing the essence of the many Country Music Legends she portrays such as Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle, Anne Murray & Shania Twain. She was born and raised on a Cattle Ranch in Alberta Canada where her roots ran deep with classic country music! She started singing in her teens by entering talent competitions across B.C and performing for friends and family and community events. Andrea knew early on she had discovered her passion! She trained with an opera singer who helped her develop her unique vocal style and range. In the early 90's Andrea was honored to sing at the opening and closing ceremonies for the Canada Summer Games held in Kamloops and then followed her dream and moved to Nashville. She worked at a fan club on music row and networked with musicians and songwriters trying to break into the music business. She has performed with many bands from blues to rock 'n roll as well as top 40 and country Music. Andrea travelled to Arizona to pursue a Degree in Business and Marketing and worked full time as a singer in various bands. She was one of the city's most sought after National Anthem Singers performing for the Phoenix Coyotes, Arizona Diamonbacks and Chicago Cubs. Andrea lives in Lake Country with her husband and two beautiful sons.

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