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Tessa Kautzman

It all started with a bluff: Here Tess, if you learn to play this guitar, you can have it. Even before she had ever picked it up, the blue flowery Fender Stratocaster fascinated her. And now here was her big brother, with an affectionate, patronizing smile, offering it up like a penny found on the floor. A heck of a bargain! She didn't hesitate. The guitar was in her hands, and she booked it for the basement. There, under the buzzing florescents, Tessa became completely absorbed in making music. She spent hours, days, years! in search of melodies, harmonies, noises, rhythms and tones. And now, ten years later, the search continues...

With years of experience beginning with such classic local Saskatoon bands as Linus Hemmingway and Blood Music, Tessa Kautzman has developed a style that is versatile and unique. Her most recent release, "Always Going Home" (2009) draws influence from folk, country, rock, lo-fi, and indie, but is characterized by her remarkable voice and melodic arrangements. She has performed and recorded with several bands in her hometown of Saskatoon, but since moving to Victoria BC, Tessa has been writing and performing songs of her own.

Whether she is alone on stage or with a six-piece band, her powerful stage presence entrances her audience. With poignant lyrics and an expressive vocal range, her songs take a form born from instinct and emotion, rather than formula. She is currently playing shows around Victoria, and planning a Canadian tour to promote "Always Going Home".

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