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Serge Mazerand

Serge Mazerand was born to play the piano and fish. In France, his place of birth, he took his first piano lessons around age 5, about the same time his dad taught him to fish in a nearby lake.

Soon, an exciting kinship with water, nature and music was born. While later, Serge’s life path took him all over the world and led him to live quite a hectic lifestyle, he always returned to music and nature as a way to find inner peace and reconnect with his inner self…

It is not a coincidence that he chose to settle in spectacular British Columbia and live on the banks of a blue ribbon steelhead river…

There, he fly fishes, improvises and composes soothing melodies inspired by the river that flows by.

In his own words:

“When I am on the river or on a lake or even out on the Ocean, it is not really about fishing. It is merely a pretext to connect with Nature and consequently with my own essence. When I make music, I think about riffles and waterfalls, about strings of geese in the misty morning skies…or the haunting call of a loon on the lake...”

This intuitive, improvised way of creating music is what makes Serge’s music so unique and powerful.

The soothing vibrations of Nature’s healing powers are expressing themselves through his musical creative “trances”… without him even being aware of the process. Very simply put, it’s music from the heart, it's music to the soul!

Serge produces meditative and healing music CDs under the private label “keys to serenity”. His music is available on Itunes, Amazon, Cd baby and on his own website

Serge adds…

“I can only assume that I am blessed with a special gift. I feel a deep gratitude to be able to inspire audiences with my music and my insights on inner harmony and feel almost on a life mission to contribute in a small way to people's inner peace and therefore to accelerated healing of mother Earth.”

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