Selassie Drah

Selassie Drah is a recording hip-hop artist and lyricist, originally from Ghana and now based in Edmonton, Alberta. The rapper's music encompasses a wide variety of elements of songwriting and rap flows that transcend the benchmark of the hip-hop genre. His earnest lyrics draw listeners into his world, making him a very relatable and heart-felt artist.

Selassie's debut EP "Recluse" (2017) is gloomy-toned project that illustrates his personal battles as an up-and-coming artist. The opening song "This Is Everything" is a bold declaration that he is ready to explore the music world even further regardless of the hurdles that come his way. "All My Life" and "In the Cut" reflect his sincerity and openness in sharing his most personal stories. It is his hope that listeners find some sense of comfort through this project!

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· Dec · 15 Fri 7:00 pm
The Needle Vinyl Tavern  The HonorRoll Music Collective presents  Lyrique & others at The Needle Vinyl Tavern (Edmonton)  on December 15, 2017
The Needle Vinyl Tavern & The HonorRoll Music Collective presents LyriqueHip Hop / Rap with Karimah and Selassie Drah and Alain, Konflict, and Rebecca Janz

at The Needle Vinyl Tavern
10524 Jasper Ave NW Edmonton, AB

Tickets: $12.00 in advance (e-ticket fee incl. $0.65 venue fee and $1.00 VRF)
($3.64 e-ticket fee)

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