Alien Rebels If you were an alien studying earth culture, you might call what we do, "post ancient earth music". It is a few steps past punding on a hollow log and many steps away from the modern synthetic sound. It has elements of rockabilly, surf, country, folk, latin and jug band music. Some say that if music were sculpture The Alien Rebels would be producing chain-saw art. This is a compliment to us! We don't know exactly what to call our sound, but you can decide for yourself. There are a lot of people who have given our band encouragement. They are the individuals who request The Alien Rebels on the radio, or mention us to their friends. These people are the ones who have come to our gigs consistently and danced up a storm. Maybe you are reading this and have never heard of The Alien Rebels, then you are probably a special person. We dedicate "Strange Feelings" to you!

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