Eric Brent West

Hailing from Wild Rose Country, Singer-Songwriter and Alberta born Eric Brent West is a musical force to be reckoned with.

Growing up in a close-knit community shaped West's strong connection with family and story-telling that is unique and ever-present in his music and style. Whether pulling inspiration from his Grandfather's guitar playing, or memories of rocking out to his Dads mix tapes for their old Dodge Caravan, the love of music was always there.

"I remember listening to a lot of Paul Simon and John Denver on those car rides. Music was never told to be turned down in my household - It always represented a happy thing"

Eric strives to connect and engage with listeners who appreciate genuine, emotional, and soulful music. Blending styles and sounds of classic artists such as Bob Dylan and John Denver, with contemporary favourites such as the Lumineers and John Mayer, West's melodies are sure to resonate and strike a chord deep within.

Currently residing in the City of Vancouver, Eric is enrolled in the Music Technology Diploma at Douglas College where he continues to master his musical talents.

This set the ground work for his latest self-produced album, "Can't Go Home This Way" released March of this year.

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