Carson Cole

Without missing a beat, Carson Cole will tell you straight up that his heart belongs to rock and roll. His life story and musical background, however, paint and entirely different picture filled with rich and funny stories of places he’s been and the people he’s met and their impact on his life and music.

With fourteen CDs released to date, he’s toured across Canada 26 times and was instrumental in launching the careers of Wide Mouth Mason, McQuaig, and Danni Tibbo. A household name and cultural icon in the West, Carson is an amazing performer and songwriter, and best known for his original music reflecting people and places he’s connected with, story-telling lyrics, and wide vocal range. Working and touring with the likes of Colin James, Trooper, Loverboy, Brian Adams, and Terry Clark, Carson says focus and passion in life today is developing, supporting and producing the next generation of rock musicians. When he’s not producing, Carson enjoys performing with his band, featuring his sons Chris and Kody.

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