Jordan Kaminski

Jordan Kaminski is an engaging performer with a smooth, warm vocal style delivered straight from the heart. Jordan is an extremely talented songwriter, with the ability to lyrically captivate any audience. His compositions offer the appeal of pop music colored by his bold original flare. Jordan’s immense love for music drives him to work day in and day out to hone his talents. He enjoys listening to and is influenced by a variety of music.. Music affects him on an emotional level that he can’t describe, songs can give him an explosion of feeling and he hopes to bring the same rush with his own music to people one day.

Jordan has performed in major fundraisers and to small audiences at a variety of venues. He is currently performing in local cafes and is working in a recording studio to produce his first EP.

He has recently been introduced to Rhea March and U22 and he is very excited to be working with her to fulfill his passion of songwriting and performing.

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