Anti-Pop Consortium

“The music is unlike any hip hop you've heard, more joy division than James Brown, with wheezy organ lacing the sci-fi bleeps with an eerie humanism. These rappers are energized by a weird and nameless force." San Francisco Weekly

“Anti-Pop Consortium lay waste to any lingering notions that hiphop and radical electronic experiments occupy different camps. The cracking analog jams throw all conventions into disarray. It isn't anticon or mush crews that will unite the two camps; it's these three sonic geniuses.” URB Magazine

“A NYC crew the upends mainstream hip hop orthodoxy with avant-garde production flourishes, slinky new wave keyboards, freaky basslines and incisively skewed rapping." Chicago Tribune

“Anti-Pop Consortium still deeply entrenched in a hyper-intellectual rap-as-concept-map ethos." CMJ New Music Report

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