Trey Mills

Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, while traveling across Canada in the summer of 2006, my life was changed forever. I met someone that gave me the courage to live life fully. She was what is known as a ‘catalyst’. I don’t know that she did anything specific, but her presence, combined with the big blue sky, and the 4am June sunrise generated a chemical reaction that I’ll never be able to articulate fully.

Following that encounter, I gave up everything to make my own music, follow my dreams, and most importantly, be a positive influence in this world. By the fall of 2007, I released my debut CD ‘Athabasca’, and I played shows – some big, and many small.

In December 2007 I decided to leave Toronto for Alberta to recapture the magic I had found. After purging the majority of useless things I had collected over 20 years, I packed the rest of my stuff in a 12 foot home made wooden florescent-yellow trailer and started to head west.

Between Queen Street and Thunder Bay, I blew my transmission twice, blew three tires, lost my driver’s license, broke a tail light, lost my trailer break lights, broke two windows, and eventually lost my love. I did, however, experience the love of strangers each day of this journey. Some literally saved my life, but all saved my faith in the beauty of this world.

Now I spend most of my time in Alberta making new friends, making music I love, and trying to give Alberta what it gave me.

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