Tallest To Shortest

Tallest To Shortest: As wily as a pack of coyotes and as greasy as the groomsman who was hitting on your mom at your sister's wedding. Spontaneous and unpredictable, they surf genres and bend the rules with reckless abandon. Made up of former members of The Uncas, The Fails, Mmmmberta, Red Ram, The Switchmen, The Fabulous BeeFeeders, and many more - Sean Brewer, Mark Feduk, Steve Hutcheson, and Corey Motz bring the sauce on demand.

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· Apr · 7 Sat 8:00 pm
Tallest To Shortest
Album Release Party! with Featuring Tallest To ShortestAlternative / Pop / Rock with Boosh and Street League and Machines Like These

at Aviary
9314 111 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0A3

Tickets: $10.00 in advance
($1.99 e-ticket fee)

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