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Apollo Suns Apollo Suns Alternative / Jazz / Rock

Born from the fusing of four uniquely talented Winnipeg, Canada based musicians, Apollo Suns have created a refreshing and innovative sound combining instrumental, rock, ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Sapphire Empire Sapphire Empire Alternative / Jazz

Sapphire Empire is jazz inspired fusion group based out of Manitoba. The group draws from many musical styles including, jazz, hip-hop, folk, pop, R&B, ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Ghost Twin Ghost Twin Alternative / Electronic / Pop

Ghost Twin is a dark synthpop duo from Winnipeg, Canada that combine roaring synthlines, dirty pulsing bass, dreamy guitar, and a haunting vocal dichotomy ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Figure Walking Figure Walking Alternative / Electronic / Punk / Rap / Rock

Three years removed from the late Polaris Music Prize long-listing of his Fireball LP, Greg MacPherson is set to wear a different musical hat ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Mise en Scene Mise en Scene Alternative / Pop / Rock

Hot off the heels of their sophomore full length, Stefanie Blondal Johnson and Jodi Dunlop of Winnipeg rock outfit Mise en Scene have seen ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Casati Casati Alternative / Folk / Jazz

Like three hearts beating in perfect time, the music of CASATI is a living thing, constantly changing, evolving and reinventing itself. Grace Hrabi, Jesse ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Selci Selci Alternative / Electronic / Pop / R&B

Electro-R&B singer-soundscaper Selci uses ambience and rhythm to compose sounds that exist on the fringes of pop music. On her debut EP Effervescence, due ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB
R U S T O W L R U S T O W L Alternative / Punk / Rock

"There once was an Owl who lived in an oak.The more they saw, the less they spoke.The less they spoke, the more they heard.Wasn't ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Lanikai Lanikai Alternative / Pop

Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Merin Merin Alternative / Pop

Cole, Kathryn, Jordan, and Joel are a melancholy power pop quartet that remind you that everything will be alright. Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Confushia Confushia Alternative / Rock

All sitting in our own heads, realized, I feel the pull. Who's pulling? It just took walking out the door and a little bit ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Ex Ãśmerta Ex ├śmerta Alternative / Hard Rock

Convention and compromise are enemies of creativity. They're also ideas that the three members of Ex ├śmerta have outright renounced in their pursuit of ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Heartbeat City Heartbeat City Alternative / Folk / Rock

Standing amid a cozy mess of instruments, Heartbeat City weaves a patch-work quilt of honest, stripped-down, city ballads that seem strangely comforting. From Ian's ... Read more

Winnpeg, MB
Scott Matthews Scott Matthews Alternative / Folk

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Scott Matthews' ground- breaking debut album, Passing Stranger. The bold mix of folk, rock, blues and Eastern-inspired ... Read more

Wolverhampton, UK
Full Blast Full Blast Alternative / Jazz

Peter Broetzmann (Germany, reeds) - the living legend of the European new jazz. He has exemplified European improvised music for over 40 years and ... Read more

Wuppertal, DE
Sophie Hunger Sophie Hunger Adult Contemporary / Alternative / Folk / Rock

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Z├╝rich, CH