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Artist / Band Name City
Jason Kirkness Jason Kirkness Country

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Winnipeg, MB
Jason McCoy Jason McCoy Country

Jason McCoy is taking the country music world by storm. McCoy has amassed a healthy assortment of awards including SOCAN Song of the Year ... Read more

Minesing, ON
Jason Plumb Jason Plumb Canadian / Country / Pop

Jason Plumb is an exception in the world of contemporary pop music where "extended careers" and "timeless bodies of work" are not commonplace. An artist ... Read more

Regina, SK
Jaxon Haldane Jaxon Haldane Alternative / Country / Folk

Jaxon Haldane reveres tradition while retaining a distinct modernism. His ability to combine the visceral intensity of punk rock or dixieland, with the soul ... Read more

, OK
Jay Allen Jay Allen Country / Rock

From the moment he enters a room, it becomes clear that Jay Allen is here to tell his story. The tattoo-clad singer/songwriter has his ... Read more

Jay Aymar Jay Aymar Country / Folk

Jay Aymar is a Canadian singer-songwriter who mixes elements of folk with introspective, humorous and straight-forward lyrics. Recently Jay's song 'My Cherry Coloured Rose" ... Read more

Toronto, ON
Jay Bowcott Blues / Country / Folk

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Jay has learned what is is like to be a city slicker. After years of spinning his wheels ... Read more

Calgary, AB
Jay Semko Jay Semko Country / Folk

As the founder of Canadian pop icons The Northern Pikes, having written such Canadian classics as "Girl With A Problem" and "Things I Do ... Read more

Saskatoon, SK
Jaydee Bixby Jaydee Bixby Country

Jaydee Bixby's career began at childhood through the schooling of his ardently musical family. Following dreams of taking the big stage, Bixby paid many dues, ... Read more

Drumheller, AB
Jean Shepard Jean Shepard Country

Jean Shepard, is an American honky tonk singer-songwriter who was a pioneer for women in country music. Shepard released a total of 73 singles ... Read more

Pauls Valley, OK
Jen Lane Jen Lane Country / Folk

It takes a lot to stand out in the crowded world of Americana female vocalists, but Lane pulls it off with aplomb on “For ... Read more

Saskatoon, SK
Jenn Beaupre Jenn Beaupre Country

On November 19th, 1982 in Edmonton Alberta, Jenn Beaupre let out her first note that left even the seasoned birthing team in awe. “That’s ... Read more

Calgary, AB
Jens Jeppersen Jens Jeppersen Bluegrass / Country / Folk

Now in the studio working on his third and final album "Time Alone," Jens looks to finish off the Time Trilogy he began in ... Read more

New Denmark, NB
Jeremy Dallas Jeremy Dallas Country / Rock

Jeremy Dallas takes modern country rock to a whole new level! Imagine going to see your favorite local band but getting an experience the ... Read more

Jerry Leger Jerry Leger Country / Folk / Rock

On a Wednesday night in August 2013, Jerry Leger stepped onto the stage at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, a rite of passage for ... Read more

Jerry Sereda Jerry Sereda Country / Rock

Jerry is a Canadian Country Recording artist from Dauphin MB, who has gained popularity performing festivals across Canada, and the USA with acts such ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB
Jess Lee Country

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Edmonton, AB
Jesse Dollimont Jesse Dollimont Alternative / Bluegrass / Country / Folk

Born to two working musicians in southern Alberta, Jesse Dollimont was raised in a home filled with the songs of legends such as Emmylou ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Jesse Jeffrey Jones Jesse Jeffrey Jones Blues / Country / Rock

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Calgary, AB
Jessi Colter Jessi Colter Country

Jessi Colter (born Miriam Johnson May 25, 1943) is an American country music artist who is best known for her collaboration with her husband, ... Read more