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Dimmu Borgir Dimmu Borgir Metal

Dimmuborgir (pronounced “DIM-moo bor-GEAR”) is a large area of unusually shaped lava fields that includes various cave and rock formations east of Lake M?vatn ... Read more

Oslo, NO
Dire Omen Dire Omen Metal

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Edmonton, AB
Disciples of Power Disciples of Power Metal / Rock

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Edmonton, AB
Display of Decay Display of Decay Metal

Display Of Decay; toast with butter melting all over it. The band has been around for several eons, spanning from the medieval ages up ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Dissonance Dissonance Metal

Dissonance is a five piece Thrash band from Edmonton, comprised of ex-members of Infestus, Requiem... and Whatever band Rob was in before this. The ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Distant Calm Distant Calm Metal / Rock

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Edmonton, AB
Disturbed Disturbed Hard Rock / Metal

Featuring: David Draiman - Vocals Dan Donegan - Guitars/Electronics Mike Wengren - Drums John Moyer - Bass Read more

Chicago, IL
Domitian Domitian Metal

DOMITIAN is a four-piece progressive metal band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The band showcases some of the finest musicianship Edmonton has to offer, while ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Doom Cannon Doom Cannon Hard Rock / Metal

Doom Cannon was created in the Summer of 2008 by five good friends to accomplish one objective: to create a new brutal sound that ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
Down Down Metal

You know it’s Down as soon as you hear them. That’s the way it’s always been, and nothing will ever change that. There’s no ... Read more

Dr. Acula Metal

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Long Island, NY
DragonForce Metal

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Drama Diabolos Drama Diabolos DJ / Electronic / Metal / Rap

Known as a wildchild to the dj scene Drama broke out into the west coast in january of 2011, in short span of time ... Read more

Ottawa, ON
Drown Her In The Massacre Drown Her In The Massacre Hard Rock / Metal

Joe came all the way from Ontario with an idea that was getting a band started in Edmonton. Travis then found the band on ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Druidus Metal

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Prince Albert, SK
Dying Fetus Dying Fetus Metal

One of the most infamous and influential death metal bands of the past 10 years, DYING FETUS pummel and pound their signature-style brutality into ... Read more

, MD
Earth's Ashes Earth's Ashes Metal

In a city where oil rules, 5 determined musicians rose from the ashes to pioneer a new sound in the metal community of Fort ... Read more

Edge of Attack Edge of Attack Metal

Based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Edge of Attack blends old-school Thrash Metal with a modern edge, creating a sound unlike any other. Bringing ... Read more

Grande Prairie, AB
Elements Elements Metal

ELEMENTS is a four-piece Canadian Metal / Metalcore band from Edmonton, Alberta. Formed in early 2012, they wrote their first five-song demo album named ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Elitist Elitist Metal / Rock

A four piece progressive metal band with a "goal to create music that will appease both musicians and non-musicians with smart songwriting and a ... Read more

Los Angeles, CA