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Bullet For My Valentine Bullet For My Valentine Metal

The Welsh metal-core band Bullet For My Valentine has spent most of the past two years taking over the world with massive U.K., European, ... Read more

Bridgend, UK
Architects Architects Metal

ARCHITECTS: Brighton’s ARCHITECTS just refuse to sit still and rest on their laurels. While it takes other bands years to even write a record, ... Read more

Brighton, UK
Onslaught Onslaught Metal

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Bristol, UK
Every Time I Die Every Time I Die Hard Rock / Metal / Regional

Warning: an excess of blood, sweat and beers were spilled during the making of 2009's most anticipated hardcore-rock album, Every Time I Die's New ... Read more

Buffalo, NY
Malfunction Malfunction Metal / Punk

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Buffalo,, NY
Dead and Divine Dead and Divine Hard Rock / Metal / Rock

In the fall of 2006, the band took time off touring to begin work on their full-length album. Along with locking themselves in their ... Read more

Burlington, ON
Mares of Thrace Mares of Thrace Alternative / Hard Rock / Metal

"Calgary’s Mares of Thrace (formerly Tosca) is a two-piece doom metal dynamo, and proof positive that “intricate” and “delicate” don’t always go together — ... Read more

Calgary, AB
Kobra and the Lotus Kobra and the Lotus Metal

HELL-o and welcome to the snake pit! For the past couple of years our members have been testing the dark waters of the underground ... Read more

Calgary, AB
Our Last Crusade Our Last Crusade Metal / Punk

Their first EP, released in May 2010, titled “The Essence of Everything” ignited a fire. Drawn from a range of influences, and containing a ... Read more

Calgary, AB
Fall City Fall Fall City Fall Metal

Fall City Fall is proud to announce their first full-length album, “1629”. The drop of “1629” marks the beginning of a new era for ... Read more

Calgary, AB
Exit Strategy Exit Strategy Metal

Since 2007 EXIT STRATEGY has been around, playing with hundred of bands of the years, local and international acts, far to many to list. ... Read more

Calgary, AB
Akakor Akakor Metal

Akakor was started near the end of 2008 when Brian on drums and Rory on guitar started jamming together after the demise of their ... Read more

Calgary, AB
We Found The Body We Found The Body Metal

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Calgary, AB
Treeburning Treeburning Alternative / Metal / Punk / Rock

If this band had a mission statement it would be something like this - " To constantly surprise and excite the senses, to lead ... Read more

Calgary, AB
Viathyn Viathyn Metal

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Calgary, AB
Deimoz Deimoz Metal

Rob Fisher= Lead StringZ n' VoX Jordan= Lead VoX Darcy= Lead stringz Toby V=Base and pils Steve M= SkinZ Born in the ashes of fire and melted in the ... Read more

Calgary, AB
The Press Gang The Press Gang Metal / Punk

The Press Gang, formed in 2007, is a mixture of Punk, classic Heavy Metal, Riff driven Hard Rock, salt air, dirt, and kitchen parties ... Read more

Calgary, AB
HROM Metal

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Calgary, AB
Super Massive Black Holes Super Massive Black Holes Alternative / Jazz / Metal

SMBH all started as a blues side project to play a big show which, uhh... never came. So we decided to play whatever we ... Read more

Calgary, AB
Hrom Hrom Metal

Hrom originated sometime in early 2008 with ONLY the idea of creating a Power Metal album. Jan Loncik decided to come up with some ... Read more

Calgary, AB