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Artist / Band Name City
Dead Asylum Dead Asylum Metal

Dead Asylum formed in Vancouver, BC at the end of 2011, and features Mike Lister (vocals), Samantha Landa (drums), Roger Mowat (lead guitar), Jay ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
The Hallowed Catharsis The Hallowed Catharsis Metal

The Hallowed Catharsis (THC) is a Vancouver BC based progressive death metal band founded in 2013."If you're new to the band, their take on ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
Komodo Wagon Komodo Wagon Hard Rock / Metal / Punk

Not Metal, but the Metalheads might like it. Not Punk, but the Oi's might dig it. Not Indie, but it's fun to see a ... Read more

Vancouve, BC
Erimha Erimha Alternative / Metal

Members Ksaos (Drums), Kthien ( Guitar) and Gore (Vocals)ERIMHA, (pronounced (er-ee-mah), meaning "Army" or "Legion" in Sumerian culture, base their powerful, melodic, merciless and ... Read more

Valleyfield, QC
Beware the Neverending Beware the Neverending Hard Rock / Metal

The Dirty South of Valdosta, GA brings us Beware The Neverending. An aggressive heavy band with a well-placed and powerful front man that sets ... Read more

Valdosta, GA
Promonium Jesters Alternative / Metal

Operating out of the wastelands of Southern Ontario, Promonium Jesters play psychedelic industrial thrash music, incorporating elements of metal, noise, ambient, trance, and digital ... Read more

Uxbridge, ON
Watain Watain Metal

Read more

Uppsala, Sweden
Meshuggah Meshuggah Metal / Rock

Meshuggah is a Swedish extreme metal band from Umeå, formed in 1987. Meshuggah's line-up has primarily consisted of founding members vocalist Jens Kidman and ... Read more

Umeå, SE
Gideon Gideon Metal

An aggressive, melodic hardcore band with an already impressive repertoire. Well-placed gang vocals and a powerful front man set Gideon apart from many of ... Read more

Tuscaloosa, AL
North North Alternative / Hard Rock / Metal

Read more

Tucson, AZ
We Came as Romans We Came as Romans Electronic / Hard Rock / Metal

We Came as Romans are known for pushing the envelope. They combine influences such as the intertwined singing/screaming vocals of Underoath, the theatrical, orchestra-infused ... Read more

Troy, MI
Helix Helix Hard Rock / Metal

The biggest heavy metal band in Canadian history! With a catalogue of music that spans a history of over 30 years, the hard rock ... Read more

Toronto, ON
Woods of Ypres Woods of Ypres Folk / Metal

Featuring: David Gold - vocals/guitar Evan Madden - drums Shane Madden - bass Bryan Belleau - lead guitar Read more

Toronto, ON
Structures Structures Metal / Rock

Structures is a five piece metal/progressive/hardcore band hailing from Toronto, Ontario. With members aging from only 19-20, the band wrote and recorded a five ... Read more

Toronto, ON
Cancer Bats Cancer Bats Hard Rock / Metal

They’ve birthed a grimy hardcore giant and hailed a more metal-centric destroyer, but in 2010, Cancer Bats are dropping their heaviest, deadliest, and most ... Read more

Toronto, ON
Anvil Anvil Metal

If you were to look up the word “perseverance” in the almighty handbook of heavy metal, there may very well be a photo of ... Read more

Toronto, ON
Cauldron Cauldron Metal

Read more

Toronto, ON
Fatality Fatality Metal

FATALITY is the thrash metal quartet hailing from Toronto Canada. FATALITY brings an explosive form of high-energy thrash to its fans and a relentlessly ... Read more

Toronto, ON
Skullfist Skullfist Metal

Read more

Toronto, ON
Titan Titan Hard Rock / Metal

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Toronto, ON