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Artist / Band Name City
Christina Maria Christina Maria Adult Pop / Bluegrass / Country

Christina Maria has spent much of 2009 traveling between cities, playing shows and living without a fixed address. This experience inspired the Vancouver-born singer-songwriter ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
Katie Rox Katie Rox Adult Pop / Folk

“…personal inspiration, love, loss and strength…an artist that isn’t looking to make a temporary impression.” View Weekly, Hamilton ON "While there’s no shortage of laughter ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
Said The Whale Said The Whale Adult Pop / Pop / Rock

Said The Whale was formed in early 2007, by dual songwriters Tyler Bancroft and Ben Worcester. The band began to amass a grassroots following ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
The Salteens The Salteens Adult Pop / Rock

You know when you stand at the back of a club watching the eighth band you've seen this week, and you're thinking to yourself, ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
Sarah McLachlan Sarah McLachlan Adult Contemporary / Adult Pop

On June 15, 2010, the Grammy Award–winning singer and songwriter Sarah McLachlan will release of Laws of Illusion. This is Sarah’s first studio album ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
Maria in the Shower Maria in the Shower Adult Pop / Folk

Featuring: Jack Garton - Boom. and mime channeling Martin Reisle - sounds and religious content Brendon Hartley - the moody cute one Todd Biffard - stability and reason Read more

Vancouver, BC
Violet Height Violet Height Adult Pop / Folk / Regional

Read more

Vancouver, BC
Michael Buble Michael Buble Adult Contemporary / Adult Pop

Read more

Vancouver, BC
In Medias Res In Medias Res Adult Pop / Rock

Formed over a decade ago, Vancouver-based In Medias Res has risen from a fledgling act full of potential to one of the most lauded ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
Buckman Coe Buckman Coe Adult Contemporary / Adult Pop

“THE REASON WE FIGHT IS NOT TO DEFEAT BUT TO HEAL” In divisive times, we cannot sit still, and we know it in our bones. ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
Arrival Arrival Adult Pop

Cast of Characters: Wendy Gorrie (as Agnetha Faltskog) Tracy Masson (as Anni-Frid Lyngstad) Phil Dunget (as Bjorn Ulvaeus) Bob Van Velzen (as Benny Andersson) Arrival are supported by: Mario Parente ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
Wake Owl Wake Owl Adult Pop / Folk

Read reviews of Wake Owl from Sound and Noise: Wake Owl: Unexpected Read more

Vancouver, BC
Laura Crema Laura Crema Adult Pop / Jazz

A native of Vancouver, vocalist Laura Crema possesses a lush, unique instrument with great depth and resonance, her influences are broad and diverse as ... Read more

Vancouver, BC
Maurice Maurice Adult Pop / Alternative / Rock

Maurice began in Victoria, British Columbia in parent's basements, community halls, and the bars of Vancouver Island. The young members crafted memorable pop songs ... Read more

Victoria, BC
Christopher Arruda Christopher Arruda Adult Pop / Rock

Having spent his late teens and early twenties fronting popular funk-rock band "The Lady Esther" and the ambitious post-rock outfit "Open, parachute!", the twenty-five ... Read more

Victoria, BC
Forestry Forestry Adult Contemporary / Adult Pop / Folk / Rock

four people from various victoria bands (onaping falls, ruthie & winfield, vegan holocaust, vincat) getting together to write heartfelt jams in 3/4 timing. featuring: d. costello b. ... Read more

Victoria, BC
Tessa Kautzman Tessa Kautzman Adult Pop / Electronic / Folk

It all started with a bluff: Here Tess, if you learn to play this guitar, you can have it. Even before she had ever ... Read more

Victoria, BC
The Tenors The Tenors Adult Pop

The Tenors (formerly known as The Canadian Tenors) are a vocal quartet (originally a vocal trio) consisting of Remigio Pereira, Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters, ... Read more

Victoria, BC
Jesse Dee & Jacquie B Jesse Dee & Jacquie B Adult Pop / Folk / Rock

Western Canada’s Jesse Dee & Jacquie B are on a roll. A high-energy rock n’ roll journey across the airwaves and highways, with their ... Read more

Wells, BC
Sheena Grobb Sheena Grobb Adult Pop / Jazz

Canadian songstress Sheena Grobb's emotionally grounding performance style along with an impressive repertoire of original songs continually test the limits of her musicality as ... Read more

Winnipeg, MB