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Tristan Horncastle Tristan Horncastle

Growing up in a small community in New Brunswick Tristan's life, personal experiences and strong family values would inevitably find themselves embedded in some ... Read more

Tritonal Tritonal Dance / DJ / Electronic

Watch a live performance by TRITONAL and you’ll understand the hype. The American production and DJ duo of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed have ... Read more

Trivium Trivium Metal

"In my opinion, this album really was a response to what we've ever done as a band and everything we're seeing in contemporary music," ... Read more

Trocadero Orchestra Trocadero Orchestra Big Band

This 18 piece Big Band is named after Edmonton's Trocadero Ballroom, and features many of the musicians who graced the stage back in the ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Troll Hunter Troll Hunter Film/Screen

The government says there’s nothing to worry about – it’s just a problem with bears making trouble in the mountains and forests of Norway. ... Read more

Trollband Folk / Metal

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Edmonton, AB
Trolley Snatcha Electronic

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London, UK
Trooper Trooper Rock

It goes like this: millions of records, a couple dozen hits, sold-out coliseums across Canada, a Juno Award (Canada's Grammy) for Band of the ... Read more

Toronto, ON
Trophy Killer Trophy Killer Rock

Trophy Killer is a pop-punk hardcore band from hailing from the suburbs of St. Albert. Trophy Killers brings in elements of punk music and ... Read more

St. Albert, AB
Tropic Harbour Tropic Harbour Alternative / Pop

You’re invited to Tropic Harbour, a utopian space constructed by Mark Berg for peace of mind. These bedroom pops are unabashedly dreamy. Mashed earworms ... Read more

Edmonton, AB
Tropic Harbour Tropic Harbour Alternative / Pop

A true Commonwealther with Brit-rock and post-punk influences, Berg tries to recreate the dreamlike textures and summery tones that he sees in his mind ... Read more

Troti Troti Blues / Country / Rock

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Calgary, AB
Troubadour Tuesdays Open Stage / Rock

Hosted by Mark Feduk. Read more

Edmonton, AB
Troubadours Troubadours Country

The Troubadours are Duane Steele, Lisa Brokop, Paul Jefferson, Wyatt Easterling, and Gil Grand. All are respected singer/songwriters in the country/roots genre. Between them ... Read more

Trouble In Town Reggae Night Reggae

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Edmonton, AB
Troy Snaterse Troy Snaterse Folk

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Edmonton, AB
Troy Snaterse Alternative / Country

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Edmonton, AB
Troy Trombone Shorty Andrews Troy Trombone Shorty Andrews Jazz

Shorty started playing trombone in New Orleans brass bands when he was six, before his arms were long enough to reach all positions on ... Read more

New Orleans, LA
Troy Turner Band Troy Turner Band Blues / Rock

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Baton Rouge, LA
TroyBoi TroyBoi Dance / Electronic

One of South East London's most closely guarded secrets has recently emerged from the shadows and is set to take the music industry by storm. Known ... Read more

London, UK