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Why can't I get e-tickets for this event?


under construction

Currently, only selected events are e-ticketed by YEG Live.  If you see an event that you think should be e-ticketed by YEG Live, why not let the organizer and venue know?  And let us know, too!

Our flat rate $1.99 e-ticket fee means you always know what your final cost will be – you won't find hidden levies or special surcharges when you buy from YEG Live. You can trust YEG Live e-ticketing to be the most affordable, trustworthy, and convenient way to guarantee your spot at local events.

Tickets may also be available from other ticketing agencies, or from the venue.

As word spreads about the benefits of YEG Live e-ticketing, more and more event tickets will be available for purchase directly from YEG Live.

So keep checking back, and feel free to contact us with your ideas and feedback!