· Jan · 23 Thu 8:00 pm at Mile Zero Dance
10816 95 St Edmonton, AB T5H 2E3
Phone: 780 424-1573

Tickets: $10.00 at the door (or best offer)

(Not available from YEG Live)
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Dirt Buffet Cabaret: JORDAN SABO AKA KIDD CRIMSON feat. Dirt Buffet Cabaret at Mile Zero Dance  (Edmonton)  on January 23, 2020

Dirt Buffet Cabaret

Edmonton, AB
Comedy / Dance / Improv / Spoken Word

Dirt Buffet Cabaret is a multidisciplinary, diverse variety show allows audiences to discover Edmonton's most unique, challenging, and wide-ranging performances, curated by an array of artists who will share different niches within the Edmonton scene. Read more

General Admission // Show at 8:00 pm

In the olden days there was only one reliable source where wonder, elegance and the outrageous could co-mingle over cocktails. A single place where the odd gathered and others watched closely. Times may have changed, but this world still thrives amidst the technological era.

Using a blend of sparkly friends and revitalized nostalgia, host Kidd Crimson will ring in the new decade with a modern take of the Vaudeville theatre. Featuring a variety of performances including juggling, burlesque, daring feats and comedic personalities. Turn off your radios and mark your calendar, it's a revival you won't want to miss!


Lolita Mignon
Birthed by burlesque clowns and babysat by drag queens, Lolita Mignon has a few tricks tucked away in her garter belt. She's a professional kitten wrangler, unintentional clown and prime cut performer. Lolita is also a founding member or Fever Dream Revue, and a co-producer of Sinners Burlesque! She is sweet and savoury, and she will leave you longing for her tenderloin.

Instagram – @lolitamignon
Facebook – Lolita Mignon

Betsy Ryder
Betsy has been on the dancing stage for most of her life with a background in hip hop, jazz, lyrical, modern dance, and ballet. As a burlesque dancer she brings a special twist in her routines that are sure to put a smile to your face and bring the twinkle out in your eyes. Now Betsy has branched out from all her great roots to become a co-founder of Black Label Burlesque. She went from the sweet girl next door to the sweet girl that has a dirty little secret.

Lucian Lapearl
This luminescent lively lover is mesmerizing and memorable. They are a founder of burlesque troupe The Glam-A-Rays, and can be found shaking it with the beauties of House of Hush Burlesque. They have Magic Mike moves and love to dance to bumpin' tunes, especially at Edmonton's freakiest queer cabaret All Tease All Shade. She's sweet, she's weird and she sometimes dance with a beard!

Instagram – @lunalapearl
Facebook – Luna Lapearl

Jay the Juggling Magician
Jay the Juggling Magician is an artist who strives to create true circus magic. On a daily basis they are disconnecting what is and isn't real and creating priceless feelings of wonder. It is these feelings that inspires them to creating ideas to catch you off guard as often as they can!

Instagram – @jaythejugglingmagician
Facebook – Jay Chun

Tianna the Traveller
Tianna the Traveller is an international stuntwoman and escape artist always in search of adventure. With charm and a cheeky smile she has entertained audiences in 17 countries and 3 & 1/2 languages. She has performed at the Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts, AMA Resorts, in every major Australian city, at outdoor festivals across Canada, for the Mayor of London, and in an empty fountain in Stockholm.

Instagram: @tiannatravels