Night Comfort & 9910 present Featuring Effy in the Sky with Lona Laylow, subdidi, and LUGZ
· Feb · 14 Fri 9:00 pm at 9910
9910B 109 ST NW Edmonton, AB T5K 1H5
Phone: (780) 709-4734

Tickets: $7.00 in advance

(Not available from YEG Live)
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Night Comfort  9910 present feat. Effy in the Sky at 9910 (Edmonton)  on February 14, 2020
Effy in the Sky

Effy in the Sky

Edmonton, AB

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18+ No Minors // General Admission // Doors Open at 9:00 pm 

Calling all fools! Calling all lovers! Calling lovers of fools and their so called brothers! Calling the fools in love! And the biggest fools of all: those who want to fall in love! Let us help you! Let us do the one earthly job we were sent here to complete!

On Friday, February 14th show up to 9910 dance floor where 4 DJs fight for your love. 4 different flavours of love to rock your body and soul all night. Who will steal your heart? Or will you keep it for yourself? Give your heart what it really wants. Let it dance! Take the leap. Dare to be a fool.

It's been said that fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

And yet four of the baddest angels descend from the heavens in order to meet the fools exactly where they are.

What is there to fear? They only want to spread love.
With nothing but bows, arrows, and the best music to do the naughty work of nudging foolish babes to do what they were meant to.

So who's gonna do it for ya?

Will the elusive cupid miss Lona Laylow be the one to seduce you?

Will it be the fiery heat of the mischievous cherub subdidi?

Or perhaps the sparkly bounce of the wicked angel EFFY IN THE SKY?

Or will the sheer power of LUGZ show you that the only distance between the heavens and earth is you?