· Jun · 15 Sat 1:00 pm at Aviary
9314 111 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0A3

No Cover Charge.

Mystery Science Salon

Mystery Science Salon

Edmonton, AB

The Mystery Science Salon is a fun, accessible lecture series on the big ideas in math and science for a general audience, held monthly(ish) at the Aviary. Read more

All Ages Welcome // General Admission // Doors Open at 1:00 pm // Lecture followed by Q&A 1:30 - 3:00 pm // Free Coffee, courtesy of Rogue Wave Coffee Co // No knowledge of math or science required

Did Daniel Bernoulli explain lift, or did Isaac Newton? Or did they both die a century-and-a-half before we started earnest work on the problem? And how did a German lunatic throwing himself off a Berlin hill over a century ago change aviation forever?
Guest lecturer Jaime Wong, Ph.D. will explain how studying the flight of birds somehow strikes at the heart of each of these questions and offers comfort to the weary soul of aerodynamics - a field with an identity crisis at the interface of physics, mathematics, and engineering.