· Apr · 13 Sun 8:00 pm at Pawnshop Live
10551 Whyte Ave NW Edmonton, AB T6E 2A3
Phone: 780 432-5058

Tickets: $18.00 in advance.
($1.99 e-ticket fee)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ONLINE and Pawn Shop presents The Planet Smashers & others at Pawnshop Live (Edmonton)  on April 13, 2014
The Planet Smashers

The Planet Smashers

Montreal, QC
Punk / Ska

Formed in 1994 in Montreal, Quebec, the Smashers’s infectious pop infused melodies, rippin’ horn licks and killer live shows, quickly established them as the city’s “Kings of Ska”. They released their first album (“Self-Titled”) on Planet Smasher’s founder Matt Collyer’s own label STOMP Records and hit the road. ... Read more

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18+ No Minors // General Admission // Doors Open at 8:00 pm

concertworks-Logo2If you’ve been wondering where exactly the Planet Smashers have been for the past six years since their last album “Unstoppable”, there’s a very simple explanation….A late-night audio experiment in the recording studio resulted in a randomly generated interdimensional time-space vortex that teleported the Smashers 65 million years into the past. Undaunted by this unexpected turn of events, The Planet Smashers began hunting, gathering and writing their finest album to date. Luckily the band was cryogenically frozen throughout the iceage and recently discovered trapped inside an iceberg floating down the Saint Lawrence river. 


Inspired by volcanic eruptions and constant dinosaur attacks, “Descent Into The Valley Of…” is 15 tracks of pure unadulaturated party ska awesomeness served up hot with an extra large order of radical sauce on the side just for good measure. From the hilariously addictive tom-foolery of “The Hippopotamus” to the darkly brooding “Die Tomorrow” to the punkrock insanity of “Food Fight” to the touching love song “My Obsession”, this album delivers something for everyone while maintaining the Smashers’ signature badassitude that has made them an international sensation for over 17 years…Grab your club and put on your best wooly mammoth pelt, cuz this time they’re making pre-history.