Posers. Fakes. Sellouts. Punk rock is chock full of the almost-rad, the nearly important; bands that love the esthetic and the rebellion, but have no idea why, when it’s time to throw bricks through those coffee shopwindows, you really shouldn’t have to stand all alone.

Jenny knows why. Born of the frustration, disillusionment and hypocrisy that only an oil-rich boomtown like Calgary can instill, Jenny is a band that gets it.

Front-man Sean Hamilton did his time in the city’s pop-punk trenches, playing with bands like Radio Logic, Voice in the Crowd, or White Boy Mafia. But like we all do, he came to realize that machine guns and mortar blasts can only take you so far. So he picked up some Dostoyevsky and an acoustic guitar and set about taking on everything that’s wrong with our world.

Blending heartfelt folk, pop and jackhammer punk gets you three chords and the truth, built around addictive licks from Jarrett Brandt’s Les Paul and howled out by Hamilton’s fiercely unapologetic vocals.

They know what Dr. Seuss has said all along: that the world is just awesome, and as screwed up as it is, it’s all worth fighting for.

Apathy is for hipsters, and a lot can be said if you’re honest. Fuck “indie,” let’s be real instead.

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