Raju Tuladhar

Raju Tuladhar is a professional tapestry artist from Nepal. He learned this fine art craft at Kala Guthi, a Kathmandu textile and design institute. He began his studies at age 12 and is now a tapestry teacher at that school.

Raju’s tapestries are inspired by the landscapes of his home country, Nepal. They feature quaint Nepalese villages with stunning mountain backdrops. As he travels through western Canada, it is the canola fields and the vast Alberta skies that captures his imagination, serving as new inspirations for his tapestry.

Besides creating exquisite tapestries that are sought after internationally, Raju also also works as a cultural guide in Nepal with the Edmonton-based tour company, Himalayas Treks and Tours. Through his cultural tours, he reveals to visitors the beauty and diversity of his country.

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