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The History:
James "Xenstate" began his love for dance music at a very young age. Listening to Drum and Bass, Jungle, Happy Hardcore and Hardcore from his older Brother. As well as older 80's to 90's Dance Music from his very own Mother. Falling head over heals for the genre at the age of 12. It all started with an artist known as YOJI, after visiting his website he searched long and hard for other connections to him and his music. Finding events from all over the world and different artists from all country's, this young kid at the time was hooked and mesmerized by the people and entity's, Only known as DJ'S.

The Beginning:
After reaching the age of 14 his older Brother noticed his love of the music, Much like his own. So in the summer of 2007, His older brother purchased the're very first turntable a "Stanton T60". (There was only one at the time). Then the practice began, James loved that thing so much he would wake up on weekends at 8 or 9 AM turn on the deck and get to practicing. Only being able to mix from mp3 to turntable. After finally getting the second deck and working hard for 3 long months. He had finally made it over the largest hurdle of them all, The Beat Match.

The Road:
After gaining more skills behind the decks him and his Brother started to hit the House party's. Still in the early stages and not very sure of what the music industry is like outside the sugar coded after party's and underground dance halls. He was still jamming out those old Hard Trance and Hard Dance records. This young man loved this art so much he even started looking into how to make is very own Dance Music. So at the age of 15 he picked up what ever desk top he could find, Grabbed the first program he saw and got to practicing once again. Today having released many tracks threw time such as "Surprise Mutha F*&^a" (2013), "Clip It" (2013), "Droppin that Hard" (2015), & YYY remix of "Heads will roll" (2015).

The Club:
18 years old and already having 4 years of skills under his belt. He hit the night clubs hard with both his records and CD's in hand. Learning more about different genres over the years. He soon found his place with "Electro House" and "HARDSTYLE". He has done many things in the City of Calgary. To both DJ and MC for many many shows. Playing along side such talents as Miss DVS, Mitchell Claxton, THC, James Bayliss, Somna (aka Benjamin Leung - Rodistyle), Darxide, BUK and many many more. His hard work and dedication was soon paying off.

The Present:
Now 23 Years old and Has almost been from one end of western Canada to the other. Playing shows such as Motion Notion (BC), Elysium (SK), Phantasm (SK) and such city's as Edmonton (AB), Regina (SK), Saskatoon (SK), Red deer (AB). As well as playing for the Canadian Power house only known as Boodang Music Canada. Hitting Calgary's Hottest clubs. Releasing all new music with his brother "Dave Silva" Under the alias "SilvaState". Things are climbing and climbing fast. Sky is the only limit now, the only thing to do now is keep pushing and keep producing!

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