River Valley Search Party

River Valley Search Party are from Edmonton, Alberta. They bring back the feeling and soul that modern music lost somewhere along the way. Having only started up in late 2010 they’ve already had offers to perform in many different venues and events such as the Jubilee auditorium and Sherwood Stock to name a few. Their mix of melodic blues and free spirited folk make them an up and coming group to watch out for.

Micheal Snoek (Guitars) has been in the music scene in Edmonton, Alberta for the past 10 years and has worked and collaborated with many different artists in a wide variety of genres. He has shared his talents in rock, punk, R&B, pop, electronica and metal groups. His list of bands include: Dirty Habit, Saint City, Dudley Dawson, Monark, Vanity Red, and Jammproof. Micheal has also been a very successful music teacher throughout his musical career.

Tayssa Hubert (Vocals) is a very well known vocalist throughout the French community in Sherwood Park, Alberta who has been singing for as long as she can remember. She has gathered many awards and performed in many festivals such as the Sherwood Park Music Festival and the Galala just to name a few. Tayssa feels music in a very deep way that most people don’t even know exists and it shows through her voice. She has an old soul and ¬¬her inspirations can be heard through the likes of Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Billie Holiday.

Duncan Anderson (Bass) is relatively new to the Edmonton music scene but his experience in various venues throughout the city has provided him with a Baptism by fire. Duncan claims to posses 1/12th of the soul of famous musician Rick James and with the combination of Soul music and Punk rock prevalent in his upbringing his bass provides a distinct back end to RVSP.

Jesse Strecker (Drums), born and raised in Prince George, BC first started playing drums, and percussion, in high school. He has played with various bands and artists while traveling through Australia. After moving out to Edmonton, AB in 2005, and his short while in Nam, he has played in various local acts such as Jenny Leigh and the Lucky Bunch, Dirty Habit, Saint City and others. Jesse Strecker and Micheal Snoek have both been playing together since the start of Dirty Habit and have been rippin’ it up ever since. His main influences include Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and the great jedi himself Neil Peart of Rush. Combining his 80’s style progressive rock beats and his love of playing, jesse makes the perfect fit for RVSP.

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