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Andrew Lopatin

With the release of his biggest album just around the bend, Andrew Lopatin keeps his excited fans on their toes for his orchestral guitar compositions. It is expected to be a turning point in music as he demonstrates how to turn a guitar into a sizeable orchestra and expand the horizons of the magical instrument.

The development of his unique style required years of searching and a lifetime of experiences. Raised by artistic parents, it's not a surprise that he took an interest in music. His mother, a classically trained pianist as well as an artist, and his father, an artist of all forms, played a crucial role in the subtle influence of his development.

Andrew first laid his hands on a piano at the age of five when his seemingly meaningless and short childhood composition foreshadowed a lifetime of training and passion. This passion slowly grew and developed through various art forms like an incubating egg. Then, at the age of 13, he picked up a guitar and knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

Born in Kharkov, Ukraine, it was not until he spent some time in Canada that his religious and unconditional training in music began. It was not long after that when Andrew began breaking the limitations of the instrument as he continuously pushed himself to become a God of the guitar.

After being recognized throughout his high school for his talent, he began performing at restaurants and competitions throughout Ontario. His name quickly spread amongst the locals.

Eventually, Andrew's music began to take a turn and focused more on therapy and Zen once he finally found the sound he heard in his dreams for so long and decided to focus on calmness of mind.

As he grew older and the responsibilities of life became ever so present, Andrew's music career began to slow down. It was not until he aced an audition to perform in the subways of Toronto that he quit all of his jobs and was provided an opportunity to perform all day every day and be back behind the music stand training and composing. Now, he is completing his Cross-Canada Tour 2012 in Vancouver. In two months, Andrew has traveled from Halifax to Vancouver, 16,000 kilometers, and performed at the Tall Ships and Halifax International Busker Festivals, Owen Sound's Summerfolk, and Cobourg and Port Credit Busker Festivals in Ontario, and the Edmonton and Vancouver Fringe Festivals.

Understanding the music Andrew listens to means understanding his musical development. His influences include many CandyRat artists such as Don Ross, Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, and Ewan Dobson. He consistently listens to the film music of Two Steps From Hell and the soothing unique music of Patrick Watson. However, he would emphasize his greatest influence to be Michael Manring, as their encounter at the Canadian Guitar Festival in 2010 marked the turning point in his career. Andrew even custom made an acoustic guitar version of Michael's 'Hyper-Bass', naming it, respectively, the 'Hyper-Guitar'.

After years of sound searching, Andrew is preparing to release his most unique album, which is based on the development and sudden turn in his music. His music provides lively guitar playing and unique rhythms, while focusing on calming the mind.

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