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Stacey has always been fascinated by metaphysical and holistic ways. She has found that she is specifically attracted to the energy of crystals and chakras. In the past, she had other inutitives/psychics tell her in her readings that she was a healer. She always wondered, 'How?'. It was just in the last three years she has fully acknowledged her own intuitive and medium abilities and realized that this was her path to healing. "I do believe that connecting to spirit has helped many heal from the loss of loved ones. However, I cannot overestimate the importance of the natural greiving proccess one must go through. Greiving allows one to start their own path of healing. I'm only an accessory."
Stacey comes from a First Nations background and has been taught by her mother about spirituality and connection to the creator and spirit. Her Grandmother would share stories of her own intuitive knowing and prophetic dreams. Stacey reflects, "When I had dreams that came true or spirit would come to me in my dreams for messages for someone, I wasn't afraid. Hearing my Grandmothers stories gave me a sense of normalacy to this connection."
Stacey has also been drawn to the importance of birthing and became certified as a birth doula studying Lamaze, DONA and Birthing from within. She believes that everyone has a right to a positive birth story regardless of the birth outcome and supports women and their partners overcome fears and find their inner strength through this life changing event. The similarities of both life events are of great significant.
Stacey is always honored to be part of anyones life path and finds her own personal growth with each unique experience.

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