The Reckless Heroes

The Reckless Heroes formed in 2009 and, after countless member changes since their original formation, the line-up now consists of front man and rhythm guitarist Kevin Towill, lead shred artist and back up vocalist Chris Saunders, drummer Nolan Semenoff, and bassist Danny "Decay" Daigle.

Since their formation, The Reckless Heroes have recorded two full length albums, False Starts & Failed Attempts (2010) and Dark Times (2012), one EP, The Hardest Part (2013), one single, Last Time/Jaded (2011), as well as being featured on multiple compilations. With each subsequent release improving on and perfecting the band's original sound, it’s no mystery as to why they have progressed through the underground punk scene so quickly making The Reckless Heroes a force to be reckoned with. In addition to their releases, The Reckless Heroes have toured Canada from coast to coast.

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