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{.} EntangadoS {.} "A Band of PayaS.O.S." Is formed by a group of Musicians from different genres that are characterized through the "Clown" in each of their presentations.

Each theme has its own style and is approached from different aesthetics and scenic resources, while transposing rhythms and musical genres; Including sectorized and group choreographies.

The main genre we use is the Absurd, which is reflected in every misty song of humor.

The structure that contains the show is that of a recital, although from the beginning we propose a direct and visual relationship with the spectator; This is based on the main aesthetic we chose, the Clown. The Clown poses the permanent stage play through not only visual gags but also sound. We mainly use this technique to parody moments, rhythms, music and historical facts within the great parody of a live recital.
Each of the members is characterized by a character (Clown), with Makeups, Costumes, Colors and specific reactions to each stage situation raised.

The rhythms and musical genres that we pass and use on stage are: Quartet, Punk, Huayno, Milonga, Tango, Chacarera, Candombe, Samba, Son Cubano, Cumbia Mixta, Heavy Metal Progressive, Hard Rock, Pop- Soul, Hip Hop, Reguetón, Ska, Balkan Music, Waltz, Cirque Music, Disco, Blues, Reggae, Rock, Bossa Nova and Jazz.

Artistically, in each of our functions, we seek to bring to the state of happiness the spectator who is active, reflected and connected through Laughter, Play, Music and Dance.

Where we come from?

{.} EntangadoS {.} Was born in the city of Córdoba Capital, Province of Córdoba, Argentina, South America.

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