Diehatzu Hijets were birthed by Layne L'Heureux in late 2009 after being exposed to the alternative punk rock/grunge circuit of the 90's Hearing bands like Dinosaur Jr. Sonic Youth, Mission of Burma, etc. These influences spawned, for Diehatzu Hijets a progeny of varying musical compositions. Fast, melodic, and technical, their brew of hairy riffery and confessional lyrics combine to deliver a sonic cohesion of stellar vibes. Like the name, they are aggressive, and tight.

Their recordings, a product of cheaply manufactured microphones and cement basement walls reflects their creative process, recording songs as fast as they're written and compromised only by their financial standings. Between the cryptic constant fuzz of white noise, and abnoxiously bad mixing lies the heart of Diehatzu Hijets.

Diehatzu Hijets are: Layne L'Heureux-G/V, Drew Lamb-B/V, and Adam Prins-D

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