Hailing from a humble place in the epicenter of the land of living skies, French multi-instrumentalist Mario Lepage has been spending his last few years writing, performing, and collecting a sonic journal of influences. After performing & winning some heavy weight Francophone Canadian competitions, Lepage quickly came to the conclusion that the story he was trying to write needed additional artists. Employing the help of experimental musician Adam Logan & minimalist percussionist Kyle Grimsrud-Manz, Lepage created PONTEIX. On the verge of existential & extraterrestrial, Lepage's clever lyrics and intoxicating vocal timbre rest themselves on an ocean of cascading stereo delays, anxious rhythms & sub-frequency howls. With their Debut EP "J'Orage" released May 12th 2016 and a Handful of eastern and western Canadian music awards, the ever evolving project finds a new horizon to stretch out on. With tidal wave endings & avant melodies sung in both languages, PONTEIX has begun to take on the grand nature of the skies they write under.

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