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Alex "The Zaniac" Zerbe

Alex Zerbe has been interested in how the world works for as long as he can remember. He was fortunate enough to have his interest encouraged by his parents and a series of great teachers.

One of his favorite science memories is of a story told by Mr. Wilson, Alex's seventh grade science teacher. Mr. Wilson told the class about a toddler who naturally used the scientific method. The toddler had observed adults coming in a door and grew curious about how the door worked. She approached the closed door and started exploring and experimenting by pushing and playing with the door knob. Through her experimentation, she was able to turn the door knob and get the door to open. This toddler used her natural curiosity and ability to explore the world around her to discover new information. This story convinced Alex that everybody who is curious about the world, and open to evidence to explain the questions that arise from that curiosity is a scientist. To this day Alex believes that, "We are all Scientists!"

Alex loves reading science fiction. Some of his favorite books are the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov and Ender's Game.

Since performing his first school program in 1998, Alex has performed in 14 countries, been awarded two Guinness World Records, appeared on America's Got Talent and Last Comic Standing as well as television in Canada and China. He loves performing for kids and their parents and has done shows for over 2,000 schools in 44 states.

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